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TunePhonik Light Solid Wood LP Record Holder to Stack and Organize 45s / 7”and 33s / 12” Vinyl Albums

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  • Vintage Style LP Holder: A classic look, with a retro appearance, and solid construction
  • Made of Durable Manchurian Ash: A classier and more practical alternative than keeping records in crates or boxes, this album organizer is constructed of a hardwood that will last for years, if not decades
  • Holds up to 50 Records: Designed to hold up to 50 records, makes searching for the right music fast and simple as records are kept upright and are easy to flip through and pluck
  • Organizes and Protects: Keeps your records suspended off floors or tables where water and debris can collect and helps prevent records from sliding, sagging or bending
  • Easy to Assemble: Designed to complement any room decor, this beautiful vintage wood LP record organizer will bring a retro and elegant touch to your living room, den or high-end audio listening room and is easy to assemble with four pieces that secure in minutes without tools or glue
  • UPC: 808068013457
Designed for vinyl enthusiasts who cherish and want to preserve their valuable record albums, TunePhonik’s Classic Solid Wood Record Holder can be placed tableside, or on the floor, and is a unique way to stack and organize record albums in the living room, den, or in your own private listening room.

Made of Manchurian Ash hardwood, vinyl lovers and collectors will value its unique and classy appearance, with a retro look that is reminiscent of the beatnik or classic jazz age.

If you’re still keeping records in a milk crate or cardboard box, this record display is the solution you’ve been looking for, as it lets you select, examine, and then replace your classic LPs with ease. We designed this beauty with features to keep your records safe. For example, grooves that keep fragile vinyl albums upright and prevent sagging, bending and deforming.

Blissfully simple and easy to assemble with only four pieces that fit together in minutes without tools or glue, TunePhonik’s record holder is not just an album vinyl store case; once assembled, this holder becomes a focal point that adds elegance and character to any room interior.

Designed to accommodate up to 50 records, the TunePhonik Record Holder organizes 12-in, 10-in and 7-in record sizes, and makes searching for the right music easier as records are kept upright and are easy to flip through and select. Since this record holder is made of Manchurian Ash hardwood rather than plastic, particle board, or soft wood, it will last as long as the records you own and love.

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