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Aleratec Universal Tablet/Smartphone Swivel Rotating Desktop Rack Holder 2-Pack

Part # 250351

  • Position and Rotate Tablets and Smartphones for the Perfect Viewing Angle
  • Fits All Tablets and Smartphones with No Complicated Installation
  • Durable Construction with Steel Ball Bearings
  • Super Smooth Rotation
  • Low Profile with Non-Skid Pads

Thereís a better and safer way to use your smartphone and tablet--meet Aleratecís Universal Swivel smartphone and tablet stand. This sturdy and versatile stand allows you to safely prop your tablet or smart phone on a desk, table or other surface and rotate, swivel and tilt it so you always have the perfect view no matter where you are. A swivel stand is like having another hand so you can check texts, email, play games without having to pick up your phone or tablet or risk dropping it. This durable swivel stand has a low profile and non-skid rubber pads so the swivel stays in place, plus the high quality durable material with steel ball bearings results in a smooth and quiet glide. Position and rotate tablets and smartphones for the perfect viewing angle Fits all tablets and cell phones with no complicated installation Durable construct with steel ball bearings Super smooth rotation Low profile with non-skid pads

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