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TunePhonik Vertical Laser Cut Wooden Record Dividers to Organize Vinyl LPs up to 12", Includes Six Dividers

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  • ORGANIZE YOUR ALBUMS: Precision laser cut wood LP dividers organize and alphabetize your LP record collection, so you can easily identify and pick the album you want to listen to, rather than having to search through stacks of record jackets to find the right album
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Designed to be flipped through and handled, each divider offers exceptionally sturdy construction
  • NATURAL FINISH: Functional and beautiful organization solution for vinyl fans, the dividers complement record album art, and turn a stack or pile of records into a showpiece
  • ACCOMMODATES ALL RECORD SIZES: Suitable for all albums sizes from 7” 45’s up to 12” LPs, these wooden record dividers are an ideal way to alphabetize hundreds of albums so you’ll be able to quickly find an album when you’re ready to relax and enjoy the rich vinyl sound
  • NO ASSEMBLY OR HARDWARE REQUIRED: Ready to use right out of the packaging with no assembly or labeling required, dividers can be added to your current record crate, egg crate, or another vertical storage unit

Easily identify the perfect record to keep the music playing with TunePhonik's Laser Cut Wooden Record Album Dividers. These elegant dividers add an aesthetic touch to your collection, and you'll no longer have to comb through piles of records to find the artist you're looking for. Your records will be perfectly cataloged alphabetically with large tabs to organize by album or artist's name.

Suitable for all album sizes from 7” 45's up to 12” LPs, each TunePhonik divider features lightweight wood with a natural finish, so your colorful collection will visually “pop” when on display. Sturdy wood serves as a great alternative to flimsy plastic dividers.

Be it modern or rustic, these record dividers are an excellent choice for accompanying any existing interior design as well as being a logical, practical selection for sorting, organizing, and cataloging your new or existing record collection.

With no assembly or hardware required, the dividers are ready to be use immediately with your current record crate or another vertical storage unit.

Dimensions (Set of 6x - stacked): 1.1in x 12.25in x 13.25in


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