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TunePhonik Wooden Record Weight Stabilizer for Vibration Dampening of Turntables and Vinyl LPs

Part # 270174
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  • ENHANCED LISTENING EXPERIENCE: Stabilize record playback while improving contact between record, platter and stylus
  • STYLISH & SPACE-SAVING: With ample weight packed into a dense yet compact body, your record accessory is both durable and beautiful
  • ENTHUSIAST ESSENTIAL: A stylish and long-lasting addition to your listening room
  • PADDED PROTECTION: Lining the bottom is a protective felt pad that acts as a buffer between the record and the vinyl turntable stabilizer
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Thanks to beech hardwood construction, this vinyl essential will resist scratches, moisture, spills and other daily wear

From hearing your favorite album for the very first time to playing it back on your turntable and listening to it again and again, you expect consistent audio quality. With your new Tunephonik accessory, youíll immediately begin to eliminate unwanted resonance, vibration and rumble from your 10- and 12-inch records due to small amounts of dust and dirt that may accumulate over time.

Sure, general cleaning of your vinyl is always a good idea, but some areas may be difficult to correct, such as wobble from long-term storage or minor heat damage which may cause your needle to climb and coast during playback. The result: Uneven sound. Luckily, this stabilizer helps to evenly disperse 310 grams of weight across the surface to lessen these effects during playback, dampening and enhancing music quality without overburdening your turntableís bearings.

In addition to improving your listening experience, your new accessory essential is masterfully constructed from beech hardwood, an organically durable material that naturally resists scratches, moisture and daily wear complemented by a fine woodgrain and even texture. On the bottom youíll also find felt padding that will protect your recordís label and act as a buffer between the unit and the LP itself.

Whether youíre an audiophile or a collector with a small or large collection, get the best sound quality from your setup with the quality craftsmanship of TunePhonik.


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