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TunePhonik Vertical Laser Cut Genre Organized Record Dividers for Vinyl 45s / 7” - Includes Six Dividers

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  • ORGANIZE YOUR 7-INCH 45’S BY GENRE: Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop/R&B, Electronic, Country and Latin
  • REAL-WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Unique aesthetic - certain to match any decor
  • LASER CUT TO PERFECTION: Smooth round corners and toasted text engraved directly into the surface
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Can be instantly added to your existing record collection
  • BONUS DISPLAY STAND INCLUDED: Let others know what’s next on your playlist
  • UPC: 808068013235
Looking for the perfect genre to set the mood and keep the party going? TunePhonik’s 7-inch record dividers are unique wood partitions for 45’s that can help you organize your vinyl record collection in one manageable location.

Using this perfect accessory for any DJ, Audiophile, or Jukebox hero, matching the energy of your crowd or audience is no longer a problem with featured genres for Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop/R&B, Electronic, Country and Latin.

Constructed entirely from wood, a stronger and sturdier alternative to flimsy plastic or cardboard sheets, our dividers feature a rustic finish, and can easily match any environment you might be playing music at or performing in. Each real-wood laser cut partition (set of 6) has also been designed specifically for the smaller vinyl record format in mind, along with its genre heading visibly sticking out just above the tops of each record. These dividers can easily be used in conjunction with your existing milk crate or storage box, and do not require any modification to your existing setup.

With your new TunePhonik dividers, you will also receive a unique record jacket stand, so that you can display records next in line in your playlist queue. This easy-to-assemble record stand is perfect for displaying the next selection you are about to play on your turntable rotation, as well as being a discussion-piece for parties or events where you would like others to know upcoming music within your playlist. The display is an ideal way for featuring a special record and can also showcase the record selection on a mantle or other flat desktop surface of your choosing.

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