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TunePhonik Stylus Brush Kit for Turntable Cartridges w/ Microfiber Cloth and Cleaning Solution

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  • VINYL AT ITS BEST: An all-in-one stylus and cartridge cleaning kit that includes cleaning fluid, cleaning cloth and brush so albums play at the highest fidelity
  • INCLUDES CLEANING SOLUTION: Kit comes with a specially formulated and safe cleaning solution to use on the cartridge, needle and record surface
  • ESSENTIAL FOR DJS/COLLECTORS: Helps protect your investment with tools specifically designed to clean the stylus and cartridge to remove fine particles and fuzz
  • SAFELY REMOVES DUST/DIRT: Includes safe cleaning formula, stylus and cartridge brush and anti-static cleaning cloth to safely eliminate dust and dirt
  • INCLUDES SILK STORAGE POUCH: Includes silk storage pouch to keep all the pieces of your vinyl and cartridge cleaning kit in one easy to find location
TunePhonik’s Stylus Brush Kit for Turntable Cartridges is an essential accessory for vinyl enthusiasts who want a safe way to clean and protect the audio integrity of their stylus and turntable cartridge.

This vinyl album cleaning kit includes a soft, anti-static carbon-fiber stylus brush, a specially-formulated record cleaning solution and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth so you can eliminate dust and debris from the essential point of contact between stylus and album.

Vinyl collectors know how critical it is for true turntable fidelity to have a dust- and fuzz-free needle and cartridge. Cleaning the stylus on a regular basis ensures a better listening experience but also ensures a longer life for your LPs.

Dust interferes with the contact between the stylus and the grooves of the albums, causing a scratchy sound. While some people claim that the scratchy sound is what makes analog unique, true fidelity analog is free of such noise so you can hear music in its original high-fidelity analog recording that breathes every detail. A dirty stylus is also more likely to jump out of the grooves and cause that irritating ‘mistracking’ or jumping from track to track.

This kit includes an anti-static cleaning cloth and a stylus brush that work together with the cleaning spray to keep vinyl records in pristine, audiophile condition. We even include a silk bag to hold all these album cleaning components in one, easy to find place.

You may think your LPs sound good, but one treatment with TunePhonik’s stylus brush and cartridge cleaning kit and you’ll hear crisper treble and clearer bass that will remind you why you love the art of vinyl.
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