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TunePhonik Inner Poly Record Sleeve w/ Rice Paper Design to Protect 12" LP Vinyl Records, 50 Count

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  • MUST HAVE FOR AUDIOPHILES: Ultra-thin, 50-pack record sleeves constructed with an HDPE plastic rice paper design that naturally repels dirt and dust
  • PREVENTS STATIC BUILD UP: Protects vinyl from the crackling and popping noise that comes with static charge so albums play with pristine audio fidelity
  • ESSENTIAL FOR DJS/COLLECTORS: Helps protect your investment and keeps your records safe from dust, dirt and unwanted noise-inducing pops and crackles
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR TUNEPHONIK RECORD JACKETS: Made to fit all TunePhonik 12” LP Outer Record Jackets to complete your collection
  • ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION: Ultra-thin record protector that slips into any cover and protects vintage records from scratches, scuffs, dust and static electricity
TunePhonik’s inner poly record sleeves feature a rice Paper design, and are engineered for collectors who want and need their 12” LPs to stay in the most pristine condition possible. Constructed of Polyethylene HDPE that naturally prevents static build up, each inner-sleeve is micron-level thin – allowing each to fit into single or gate-folded record album to protect your record from dust, dirt and static electricity that can lead to those unpleasant pops and crackles when you place the needle on the vinyl surface.

Audiophiles know what static electricity can do to fidelity, vinyl material and degrading paper record sleeves are particularly prone to this effect. The act of simply sliding the record in and out of the paper sleeve will cause static electricity. Our 50-pack of inner record sleeves are designed to protect your vinyl from both crackling and popping as well as static charge.

These inner protective record sleeves have a rice paper design which rejects static electricity and repels dust and dirt so your LPs are preserved and play the way you want them to every time you slide them out of the cover. If you cherish your record collection, stop placing your records directly inside of an outer jacket alone, and starting using an inner sleeve so that you can enjoy your records for years to come.
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