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Computers, smartphones, tablets, big screen TVs and other digital devices should bring comfort and relaxation to your life, not add stress to it. Prosumer?s Choice offers products that make the most of your technology, products that untangle messy charging stations, provide power to cellphones when you need it most and optimize viewing angles in offices and media rooms. Our line of environmentally-friendly bamboo laptop stands, tablet organizers and bathroom mats and caddies are ideal for reading in bed or catching up on Facebook in the tub with a glass of wine. You?ll also find water-resistant recipe holders and camping dry bags to keep precious items safe when you?re in the great outdoors. Whether you need a back or neck pillow to help reduce strain and stress from working on the computer all day or a flat screen TV swivel that optimizes your viewing angle, every product here has a purpose and that purpose is here.
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