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Prosumerís Choice Wooden Dual Sided Cutting Block and Bread Board with Hanger - Reversible

Part # 420003
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  • REVERSIBLE CUTTING & SLICING BOARD: Enjoy a versatile, space-saving accessory that helps home cooks with chopping fruits or vegetables and slicing baked goods or meats
  • DEEP GROOVES FOR LESS MESS: Recessed grooves on each side help to prevent spillage from chopping and slicing from reaching your kitchen counters and tabletops
  • COMPACT & SPACE-SAVING: Whether you live in a dorm or apartment, this multipurpose dual-sided accessory can fill multiple roles in your cooking space or kitchen
  • ROBUST HANDLE: Transport, hang, store or turn your board with ease to get the surface you need to prepare, slice and serve your bread, baked goods and other food items
  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY ACADIA WOOD: Your board is crafted from material that is gentler on knife blades and more resistant to scarring versus metal or plastic

Enjoy a dual-purpose, space-saving accessory that helps home cooks with chopping ingredients, carving meat and serving bread. Crafted from naturally durable acacia wood that requires little maintenance, this cutting board combo is perfect for any kitchen.

One side of your multipurpose chopping block features a recessed groove along three edges, to prevent liquids or mess from chopped meat, vegetable or fruit from spilling onto your countertop. The reverse side is optimized for slicing bread or carving steak, pork chops or other thick cuts. You can also use this as an elegant serving platform or charcuterie board for your baked goods, deli slices or cheese at dinners and parties to impress your guests. Three deep lengthwise grooves help with capturing crumbs or excess liquids as you slice and dice. With the easy-to-grip handle, you can store and likewise move it from storage with ease. Simply sweep any cookie crumbs or bread bits into the grooves and empty them in the sink or wastebin when the meal is over.

The integrated handle allows for ease of use, while the smooth, natural finish is also easy to clean and engineered to complement the decor of any chefís workspace. The solid handle allows effective hanging, handling, portability and the ability to quickly flip the board to use either side you desire. Its acacia wood body is less prone to scratches and scarring, ensuring greater durability than plastic boards that look worn and battered in no time. Acacia wood even has water-resistant capabilities, so your accessory is less prone to absorb moisture or warp. The result is the ideal surface for preparing and presenting food.

Backed by years of Prosumerís Choice design experience, this multipurpose and knife-friendly culinary essential is perfect for chefs or cooking enthusiasts bringing style, strength and utility to any kitchen for years to come.


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