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Prosumer's Choice Wall Mount Coat Rack and Entryway Organizer with Display Shelf - Bamboo

Part # 270169

  • Conquer Clutter: An elegant, wall-mounted organizer shelf for bills, magazines, wallets, smartphones and other items thanks to multiple hanging hooks
  • Space-Saving Shelf: Integrated indent keeps tablets and smartphones upright so you can use your organizer as an easy-to-access display
  • Large and Small Hanging Hooks: Includes five full-size pegs for jackets, purses and backpacks as well as five smaller ones for gloves, keys, etc.
  • Decor Friendly: Organic design complements any home or office, mountable in entryways, kitchens or anywhere you tend to toss stuff as you come or go
  • Fast Installation: This wall-mounted organizer display is easy to install with the included hardware and instructions

Ready to declutter and organize? Prosumerís Choice is pleased to introduce an entryway organizer that will keep everything from keys to coats in one central location. Stop spending needless time on searching for misplaced bills, sunglasses, smartphones, tablets or other items that seem to vanish just when you need them.

This organic bamboo shelf system mounts directly on the wall of your front hallway, foyer, kitchen, mudroom or anywhere else you need to grab or stash things as you head out the door. The five large hooks are designed to hold heavy jackets, purses, umbrellas and backpacks. Below each hook are five additional pegs to hang items you want to keep in armís reach such as your gloves, hats, badges, fobs or necklaces. The top shelf features an integrated indent so you can prop tablets and smartphones upright or you can use it to keep sunglasses, family photos or even flower vases.

All you need is a single screwdriver and the included hardware to install this space-saving accessory in your home or office. With the included instructions, youíll be able to assemble everything in minutes using the two holes on both sides to secure your new accessory in place. Enjoy a great solution for busy parents who have trouble with staying organized, college students with hectic schedules or families who simply want to keep their homes neat and tidy.


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