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Prosumer's Choice Summer Rose Hand Poured Small Batch Soy Wax Candle

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  • RUSTIC PLEASURE: Create comfort in your home year-round with sustainable scented candles that will bring out relaxing emotions and memories
  • COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP: Each candle is handcrafted by members of a nonprofit offering arts, educational and vocational training to struggling youth
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: These renewable candles are crafted from soybean wax, to ensure each candle burns slowly and cleanly
  • LONG-LASTING SCENT: Each candle boasts hours of burn time so that you can enjoy a pleasant aroma that lasts till the very end
  • VERSATILE USAGE: These scented candles are suitable as a kitchen decor adornment, as aromatherapy or as a gift for a loved one

Create comfort in your home year-round with the calming scent of summer rose, sure to bring out pleasant memories of garden walks and flowery meadows. Imagine picking a rose as you inhale the summer bloom, and you’ll have an idea of how this aromatic yet delicate scent will enhance your home. Whether you’re thinking of essential birthday gifts for Mom or assembling a gift basket for a close friend, you or someone you love will appreciate the benefits of this beautiful candle.

Our wax is made from vegetable soybeans, rather than paraffin derived from petroleum, and is both naturally renewable and easy on the environment. With lower melting points than traditional paraffin, your candle will provide slower, longer burning times. It will also illuminate your home and fill your room with soothing scents. Each 12-ounce candle can deliver hours of warmth and burn time for a lovely aroma that will last to the very end, while its cotton wick will keep the wax soot-free for display.

When you want to relax with refreshing candle scents after a long day, you’ll want the peace of mind of knowing they’re soothing for your body. In addition to their renewability, these sturdily crafted soy candles are perfect for providing aromatherapy for your home for any season. Each candle rests in its own mason-like jar, offering a rustic display that will beautifully complement any decor.

Whether you use the candle for decoration or aromatherapy, these scented candles are both heartwarming and housewarming, making an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries or party bags.


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