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Prosumer's Choice Modern Side Table and Nightstand w/ Single Drawer Storage

Part # 270188
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  • ORGANIZE ENTRYWAYS & BEDROOMS: Conquer clutter with a hybrid table and nightstand that can hold phones, glasses and knickknacks to often go missing
  • COMPACT & SPACIOUS: Its narrow profile fits large and small spaces alike, from hallways to living rooms, bedrooms and anywhere storage is needed
  • EXTRA PULLOUT DRAWER: Keep keys, wallets and other living essentials out of sight in a place where you know exactly where to find them later
  • DECORATIVE & FUNCTIONAL: Add utility and elegance to entryways and bedrooms with a modern, décor-neutral solution that blends easily with any room
  • SAFE BAG STORAGE: Place larger items like backpacks, suitcases and purses on the bottom shelf to avoid accidents from accidental tripping

Compliment any entryway, living room or bedroom with this versatile, dual-purpose table and nightstand from Prosumer's Choice.

Easy to assemble and boasting a narrow profile optimized for tight quarters, this hybrid table and nightstand keeps the clutter away by creating space for smartphones, glasses and other knickknacks. Now you can remember to grab them as you wake up, head out or go to bed. The tabletop can display family photos, hold a lamp to illuminate your surroundings or provide a home for favorite books and trinkets.

Below the tabletop is plenty of alternative storage, such as the extra spacious drawer. Use the pull-out drawer for storing items like wallets, keys or glasses that often go missing. Your multipurpose table also includes a bottom shelf for organizing shoes, bags and suitcases that often gather near your front door or the end of your bed, for less clutter. Alternatively, use the shelf to accent your entryway with plants for warming your house and greeting guests.

This hybrid table features crisscrossed sides that add a modern flair to any room’s décor. Whether you tuck it behind your couch or beside your bed, your new side table will add utility and elegance to any living quarters. Your home is your sanctuary, and if you need space in your bedroom or entryway, use it to decorate, organize and enhance your life.


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