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Prosumerís Choice Blank Real Wood Recipe Cards

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  • ORGANIZE RECIPE NOTECARDS: Find recipes you may have forgotten about and also store new ones more easily for easier home meal planning
  • REAL WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Enjoy versatile dividers crafted from naturally durable, laser-cut wood
  • LASER-CUT PRECISION: Each partition boasts sturdy construction and smooth finish, with burnished corners and edges thanks to laser-cut engineering
  • ACCOMMODATE 4x6 NOTECARDS: Your dividers are tailored for the most popular card format as well as smaller sizes for maximum versatility
  • BLANK FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: With empty tabs for legible labelling, you can easily create your own categories in a way that suits your needs

Do you have a collection of recipes you have been wanting to catalog but just didnít know where to start? We understand that being a master organizer isnít always so simple. Whether you have a collection of dishes handed down from generation to generation or a pile of notecards with scribbled details for your next signature masterpiece, recipes only seem to accumulate over time. Thatís why Prosumerís Choice has developed these simple, customizable separators to help you with sorting your messy culinary notes.

With your new 4x6 notecard dividers, you can easily create your own categories in a way that suits the needs of your kitchen. Create a custom title using a label maker or use your favorite pen or marker to make one by hand on an adhesive-backed label, then apply it to the exposed tab and youíre ready to start organizing your list of culinary creations.

Each real-wood partition boasts both sturdy construction and a smooth finish with burnished corners and edges thanks to laser-cut manufacturing. Your new set includes a package of 10 separators robust enough for daily use for years to come. Thanks to the all-wood construction, your separators will enjoy greater durability than plastic alternatives that can become brittle and break under moderate strain.

Wood is also lighter and less energy-intensive to produce than metal, so youíll know your dividers are as good for the earth as they are for your kitchen. Moreover, each separatorís unique woodgrain will complement any kitchenís dťcor from modern to rustic.

For maximum versatility, you can pair your new separators with the Prosumerís Choice Bamboo Recipe Box. The laser-cut precision of each separator allows them to fit snugly in one of these beautifully crafted boxes, while the staggered tab atop each separator allows you to flip through them with ease. With empty and easy-to-use tabs for legible labelling, these separators are invaluable for any cook or chef with notecards to organize.


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