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Prosumer's Choice Bamboo Pet Perch Platform Feeder Tray Stand for Small Animal Cages

Part # 250536

  • DUAL-FUNCTIONING PET PLATFORM: A safe, innovative bamboo perch stand that doubles as a feeder with convertible triangular rack for birds or small pet animals.
  • DETACHABLE CAGE STAND: Lightweight and practical, efficiently use the corner space of your cage while offering a spacious 7Ē width for comfort
  • EASY TO CLEAN TRAY: Includes a detachable bamboo base for quick and easy cleanup. Simply pull it out and snap back in.
  • BUILT-IN GROOVE FOOD TRAP: Made of durable bamboo, with a grooved food/drip trap to hold and contain liquids and simplify cleaning
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Keeping energized and active pets in mind, this features four built-in bolts and wingnut screws that attach easily to cages, so the stand stays steady and firmly in place

Whether you have cockatiels or a pair of love birds, having a secure platform for your feathered avian friends to rest, sleep or hang out makes a difference. Thatís why Prosumer's Choice is pleased to introduce an innovative reversible pet perch thatís quick to install and keep secure. This hybrid accessory can be used with any small pet and it easily converts into a feeding tray that stores food so your companions can catch a quick snack.

The detachable main stage features a grooved trap to keep scraps, droppings, liquids and other waste at bay. This stand makes it easy to pull out and clean, or quickly reattach with a snap. The feederís storage container area accommodates all wild bird seeds and indoor food types such as grain, sunflower, buckwheat, millet, dry fruits, pumpkin seeds and other popular seed variety mix, seed fiesta foods and diet foods. Its resilient bamboo construction is also naturally resistant to moisture and liquid, with minimal maintenance.

Crafted from safe and durable bamboo that is naturally familiar to exotic birds such as parrots, conures or canaries it is an ideal tool to create a natural habitat for your pet. You can even use it as a nest area during breeding season when birds build their hatching nests, hatch boards or chick nest beds. You can also attach this as a counter to hutch cages or crates to create extra space for your gerbil, hamster or other exotic pets for use as a resting stage or play area. A perfect coop cage accessory to play or relieve boredom, many customers buy several of our bamboo bird cage platforms to maximize space and build a double or multi-level environment that allows pets to have more surface area to nest, explore and enjoy.


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