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Prosumer's Choice Bamboo Mouse Pad with Phone/Tablet Stand - Black

Part # 250554

  • HYBRID MOUSEPAD & ORGANIZER: Enjoy a smooth, low-friction large bamboo surface area and desk organizer tray, with no assembly required
  • DEVICE HOLDER WITH NON-SLIP FEET: Included is a tray and a handy slot to hold your smartphone, tablet or electronic device. Feet offers stability and protection from scratching the table or desktop
  • EASY CLEANING: The mousepadís moisture-resistant surface is easy to clean, wipe and maintain, with natural protection against liquids and spills
  • BAMBOO CRAFTSMANSHIP: With its 100% natural and renewable body, your mousepad will prove durable, rugged yet lightweight
  • OPTIMIZED SURFACE: Whether you use traditional corded, cordless optical or new laser-based mice, your mouse will glide effortlessly across. Great tool for home, offices, dorms, or gaming

Maximize your desk space and clear up the clutter. With Prosumerís Choice, you can enjoy a large surface area hardened with optimized composite rubber, securely embedded in an all-bamboo tray that includes a slot for pens or pencils, plus a holder for your smartphone or tablet.

With all your essentials in one place, you wonít waste time hunting down pens or pencils and your electronic devices will always be within reach. Complemented by a smooth, natural finish, this tray is constructed with renewable material thatís lightweight, durable and less prone to cracks or warping when compared to pressed wood equivalents.

Anti-slip feet will keep this accessory securely anchored to your desktop, offering greater stability for precise mouse movement and control. The jet-black finish offers a first line of defense against inevitable coffee spills and stains, while the padís body naturally resists water, liquids and moisture. These qualities work in concert to extend the longevity of your accessory, whether used by left- or right-handers. The ergonomic curved edge also allows users to comfortably rest their wrists, relieving pressure from hands and wrists.

This desktop essential is engineered for compatibility with a range of peripherals, so yours will glide smoothly whether you use corded, cordless optical or new laser-based mice. A great addition to dorms, offices or gamersí desks, this indispensable tool requires no tools to assemble, so itíll be ready as soon as you take it out of its box.


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