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Prosumer's Choice Bamboo Dual-Sided Chopping & Cutting Board

Part # 250571
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  • REVERSIBLE CARVING BOARD: Enjoy a tough yet elegant chop block for meat carving, which you can flip to convert into a food preparation platter for mincing, dicing and chopping vegetables & fruits
  • SURFACE WITH SPIKES FOR MEATS: Innovative high-friction surface with effective pyramid-shaped ridges to hold your steak, brisket, roast, chops or chicken in place for a perfect cut
  • MESS-RESISTANT JUICE TRAP CHANNELS: Your butcher board features a network of deep, wide grooves that catch and collect juices or liquid during cutting to stop spilling onto counters or tabletops
  • FOOD PRESENTATION STATION: Whether presenting Thanksgiving turkeys, barbeque meats, Sunday roasts or gourmet pizzas on your dinner table, present in style with this tray & stand
  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY CULINARY ESSENTIAL: Your new cutting board and platform is crafted from bamboo that is gentler on knife blades and more resistant to scarring, versus to plastic or metal equivalents

Say goodbye to shoddy plastic boards that accumulate grime and gunk as you carve or slice meat.

Thanks to its innovative design, your new chopping block offers a high-friction spiked surface with pyramid-shaped ridges for you to keep meat, poultry or other types of foods in place. The ridged surface keeps your steak, pork chops, briskets or beef roast in place as you safely cut the perfect slices for your raw preparation or cooked meal. After all, whether you have a whole broiled chicken or a large turkey, presentation matters when your family or guests arrive at your barbeque or dinner.

Worried about juice or liquid leaking everywhere as you slice and dice? Spend more time on cutting than cleaning. Your chopping block features a network of deep, wide grooves that catch and collect juices during cutting, to prevent them from spilling on your counter or table. Afterward, rinse away the trapped juices in seconds.

What about those times you need a perfectly flat surface for chopping fruit, vegetables or other delicate ingredients? Your chopping block features a reversible, versatile design. Flip it upside-down and use the smooth, flat and moisture-resistant surface to cut bread and beef. Or use it as a cheese board or serving tray stand for your favorite pizza.

This round, space-saving culinary accessory is essential for any cooking enthusiastís home or apartment. The reversible, multipurpose design aids in carving, cutting and chopping, making it an ideal gift for Motherís Day, Fatherís Day, birthdays, weddings and housewarmings for anyone who loves cooking.

Tough yet elegant, your new chopping block is crafted from sturdy and sustainable bamboo. Gentler on knife blades and more resistant to scarring, bamboo is renowned for its natural strength, low maintenance and resistance to moisture, making it the perfect addition to your kitchenís arsenal of tools.


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