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Prosumer's Choice Bamboo Cord, Wire & USB Cable Management Organizer with Adhesive

Part # 250555

  • PRACTICAL CABLE MANAGEMENT: A single cord organizer can easily hold multiple cables and provide quick, convenient access whenever you need them
  • DESIGNED FOR THICK & THIN CORDS: Your docking station features 3 wide grooves (7 mm thick) and 3 thinner grooves (5 mm thick) to fit cables of various sizes
  • SMARTPHONE STAND: This charging cable dock doubles as a display stand for your phone, so you can enjoy streaming media or keep it in easy reach
  • FAST & EASY INSTALLATION: Peel the adhesive, attach your organizer and start decluttering USB cables, TV/monitor cords, laptop adapters, etc.
  • NATURAL BAMBOO: Constructed from sturdy, sustainable material with a beautiful finish that looks great in any home or office environment

If your desk or workspace is cluttered with cords, charging cables and the like, then you need an organizer that will rid your desktop of that twisted and tangled mess. Thatís why weíve designed a stylish, sustainable cable management solution that will bring organization and sanity back to your office.

With this versatile tool from Prosumerís Choice, youíll be able to swiftly organize your smartphone cords, USB cables, TV coaxial wires and more. No more need to use electrical tape or twist ties to keep cords from overrunning your workspace. Instead, enjoy a smartly designed and multipurpose docking system that only includes hooks for holding both wider and thinner cords but also a fluted indent to serve as a holder for your favorite mobile device.

Installation is easy. Simply peel off the adhesive, attach it where you need it and this new storage station for your cords will be instantly ready for use. It can hold up to six cords, with grooves of different widths for holding wider or thinner cables. You can even use the fluted indent inside the row of grooves to prop your phone so you can watch streaming media while working on your computer, or simply use that fluted indent to hold a smartphone or tablet when youíre not using it.

Designed with style and sustainability in mind, weíve crafted this dock from naturally durable yet beautiful bamboo with a smooth finish thatíll look lovely in any home or workspace. Beautify your work area while optimizing your desktop and keeping your desk free from laptop adapters, headphone cords, HDMI, micro usb type cables, AV or auxiliary audio wires that often fall behind desk or go missing. Whether you own a handful of cables or multiple, Prosumerís Choice offers the ability to keep your workspace clean and organized.


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