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Prosumer's Choice Indoor Garden w/ Adjustable LED Grow Light for Herbs, Flowers and Vegetables

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  • YEAR-ROUND PLANTS: Indoor hydroponic plant and herb kit with extra-long plant bed and growth-enhancing LED lighting
  • FULL SPECTRUM LED GROW LIGHTS: Can be used with any type of seed and incudes height-adjustable LEDs grow light that optimizes plant growth
  • EXTRA-LONG BED: Extra-long plant bed allows you to mix and match with plenty of room for a variety of herbs, plants and vegetables
  • NO SOIL AND NO MESS: Uses clay pebbles (vermiculite) as the growing medium so no messy soil or insects to worry about
  • LOW MAINTENANCE. Includes an internal pump that aerates and oxygenates your plants as well as a visual water level indicator and optional sensor-based system that beeps when the water level is low
Have you thought of starting your own indoor herb, plant or vegetable garden? Want to turn an unused closet, garage, counter or tabletop space into your own personal produce aisle? Then the Prosumer’s Choice indoor garden kit is the ideal choice for helping you to start growing quickly. Perfect for chefs who prefer fresh ingredients or green thumbs who miss gardening during cold winter months, this indoor garden kit includes an extra-long 20-inch bed, so you can mix and match different plants and enjoy your garden all year round!

The Prosumer’s Choice indoor garden can be used with any type of seed you decide to plant, as no special seed pods are required. Simply insert the seeds into the included clay pebble growing medium, add water to the included water basin along with nutrients as needed and watch your garden flourish.

One of the best parts of growing your own indoor garden is that you’ll enjoy fresh herbs, flowers, vegetables and plants that are pesticide-free, and truly organic.

We’ve made the art of hydroponics simple and fun with this easy indoor planting kit. The indoor garden system uses hydroponics technology for maintenance-free and soil-free gardening. Hydroponic gardens use less water than traditional indoor gardens while a hydroponic plant can grow up to 50% faster. For added convenience, the kit includes a visual water-level indicator and optional electronic sensor that beeps when the water level is low.

This indoor garden kit also includes an LED grow light that can be height-adjusted as your plants grow taller. The full-spectrum LED light optimizes plant growth by encouraging natural photosynthesis, so your plants will grow healthily and quickly. The light is energy-efficient and programmable, so you can shine light on plants during hours that they need light the most. With two power level settings (27-watt and 13-watt functions), you’ll hardly notice it on your electric bill.

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