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Eco-friendly Bamboo Sitting to Standing Desk Converter with Adjustable Height For Laptops or Desktop Monitors

Part # 250441
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  • Sitting to Standing Workstation: Easy-to-adjust computer desk converter for the office or home that transforms your work space from a sitting down position to a standing up position to help promote better health and relieve back pain and stress from long hours at a computer.
  • Eco-friendly Natural Bamboo: An eco-friendly bamboo stand-up or sit down desk manufactured in a facility certified as socially responsible by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and made of FSC (R) (Forest Stewardship Council), Certified 100% natural bamboo harvested according to forestry standards from sustainably and responsibly managed plantations that support healthy ecosystem.
  • Promotes Better Posture: For both men or women, a modern bamboo stand-up desk that adjusts to your perfect height to promote better posture, less work fatigue and increased productivity so you feel energized and more alert.
  • Versatile Mini-workstation: Both left- and right-hand friendly work station, includes large desktop work area and built-in drawer to store pens, notepads or Smartphones and includes adjustable tilt and legs for the best viewing experience for laptops, desktop monitors, books, tablets and other devices.
  • Durable and Compact: Made of high quality and durable natural bamboo, this compact and reliable stand-up or sit-down desk converter is ergonomically designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and is designed with long-lasting components with legs that lock into place to avoid slipping and instability.
  • UPC: 808068011514
Sitting at a desk for hours can be brutal on the back, shoulders and neck and there's only so many times you get up to go to the copier. If you've ever considered a standing desk but are unsure about the change, Prosumer's Choice Sitting to Standing Deck Converter with Adjustable Height could be just the right solution. Made of naturally harvested and eco-friendly bamboo, this adjustable stand-up desk has an ergonomic design and switches from a sit down to stand up desk with little effort. Use it at the office or at home while working on the sofa or counter top, this healthy stand-up desk is designed for statures big and small, for both lefties and righties and is easy to install with five adjustable legs and non-slips pads that keep the stand-up desk sturdy and in place.

  • Product Size: 27 in. x 4.5 in. x 13.7 in./ 685 mm x 114 mm x 347 mm
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