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Prosumer's Choice Indoor TeePee Play Tent w/ Easy-To-Follow Coloring Pattern

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  • Travels Easily: The ColorMe TeePee Adventure tent condenses down to an even smaller size, fitting easily into its included canvas carrying bag, and is ideal for areas with limited storage space
  • Provides a Sense of Ownership: Allows your child to create a space entirely his or her own, and that he or she helped to customize and design
  • Encourages Creative Thinking and Fine Motor Development: The washable cotton canvas TeePee Tent includes a grass colored-base, outlined tree landscape, an eagle overlooking a mountain ridge, compass, and plenty of blank space for kids to color and express themselves creatively
  • Decorating as a Fun and Special Activity: The TeePee Play Tent may be used with any child-safe products to decorate, such as markers, watercolors, pens, and paints (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Safety-Tested: Reviewed for chemical and safety testing to ensure your child has a safe and fun playing experience
  • UPC: 808068012696

The ColorMe TeePee Adventure Tent allows your child to transport your living room, or backyard, into a portable art gallery, a fort to defend against intruders, a clubhouse, and place to call their own. Playing, coloring, and decorating the teepee allows your child to engage their imagination, and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Constructed of 100% white cotton canvas fabric, its bright surface contrasts an easy-to-follow pattern, and may be decorated with any child-safe markers, pens, watercolors, and paints (NOT INCLUDED).

This tent is certain to provide any child with hours of fun, as they color and decorate using the supplied nature scenes, or, to draw and create a unique illustration entirely of their own imagination and choosing, using the white space outside of the provided artwork.

Unlike many other teepees and tents currently being sold on the market, the ColorMe TeePee Adventure Tent poles each collapse down into three separate sections, which means more fun, in more locations, as it easily transports to a grandparent, or loved one's house. Storing at home now takes up less room than before, as it removes the frustration from trying to fit it inside of a vehicle.

Safety is our top priority. We have taken additional steps to review our Teepee for both chemical and safety testing, as it conforms with US Consumer Product Safety Standards.

The design of the teepee depicts a serene nature landscape, depicting a compass for navigation, a lush tree growing in the midst of a valley floor, a setting sun peeking through a group of rolling clouds, and an eagle gazing across a series of mountain tops.

Tent measures at: 47.24" x 47.24" x 61.02" (Fully extended) Adult supervision is required during assembly, and suggested during playtime to ensure safety of younger children.


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