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TunePhonik Clear 12-Inch Vinyl Record Sleeve Set, Incl. 2 Cleaning Cloths, 100 pieces (50 Inner/Outer)

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  • TWOFOLD PROTECTION: Safeguard not just your vinyl records but their album covers as well! The inner sleeve protects your record, while the outer sleeve keeps your album cover safe from damage.
  • TRANSPARENT PROTECTION: Proudly show off your vinyl collection, artwork and all, while enjoying peace of mind from knowing that scratches, scuffs, dents and spills won’t harm your collection.
  • RESEALABLE DUST-FLAP: Our outer sleeves include resealable flaps to keep out dust and keep your album covers secure. No need to worry about records slipping out when you’re handling them!
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Developed with durable yet recycle-friendly polypropylene, our sleeves will protect against rips, tears and moisture.
  • CONVENIENT TO CLEAN: With the included anti-static cleaning cloths, you can ensure your vinyl records are free of dirt and dust, before putting them in their record sleeves for long-term protection.
Dust. It’s all around us. From pet dander floating in the air, to the dirt that gets swept in from a breeze; it slowly creeps inside, and onto each and every surface. With TunePhonik’s set of 50 inner and 50 outer record sleeves, you can prevent it from wreaking havoc on your 12” LP vinyl record collection, or store inventory.

Constructed from a heavy duty, 3mm thick HDPE material, our anti-static inner sleeves will shield your records from scratches, scuffs, moisture, dirt, liquids, oils, fingerprints and other debris. Effortlessly sliding into a half-moon/half-square sleeve, this shape cradles the record for safe-keeping, while making it both easy to handle, and simple to return after listening.

Once the inner-sleeve has been applied, and the record has been inserted into its album jacket or TunePhonik 12” replacement jacket, an outer sleeve can be added as a final good-bye to any eager and intruding particles or particulates. By extending the adhesive side dust-flap, your record album, or double-album jacket, can be inserted into the crystal-clear HD Polypropylene (BOPP) envelope for safe-keeping. Each adhesive tab can be re-used multiple times and interchanged throughout your collection.

In addition to protecting your record albums, we are also including two anti-static cleaning clothes made from a soft, Nylon blend. Prior to placing your vinyl record inside one of the inner-sleeves, carefully hold your record using the inside label and wipe away any visible grit or grime. It’s a fantastic way to get those visible marks without touching the record surface directly, which can cause fingerprints or oil from your skin to transfer onto the medium.

This sleeve set is a great starter kit for anyone that is getting into vinyl, a long-term collector that is looking to keep records in storage, or a retail space that sells used records and wants ensure its customers receive the best quality possible.
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