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Prosumer's Choice Black Bamboo Sitting to Standing Desk Converter with Adjustable Height for Laptops or Desktop

Part # 270122

  • Changes to Fit Your Needs: Adjustable stand-up desk made of durable and natural bamboo that transforms any work space into a more ergonomic station by allowing you to sit or stand as needed to help promote better health and posture and to relieve pain and stress from long hours of sitting
  • Made of Durable Bamboo: Constructed of naturally durable and super renewable bamboo that has a small environmental footprint and resists scratches, dents, and mildew, this versatile stand-up desk includes a beautiful black finish to match traditional and modern office and home decors
  • Stand Up for Better Health: Raises and lowers in seconds and includes five adjustable height settings, this bamboo stand-up desk converter keeps your body moving to help promote better posture, reduce fatigue and increase productivity so you feel energized and more alert at the end of the day
  • Spacious Ergonomic Design: Includes a 27 in. x 14 in. desktop surface to fit a monitor, keyboard, and mouse with room to spare, this stand-up workstation also features a pull-out drawer and a built-in laptop stand with five adjustable angles for a more ergonomic viewing angle and improved wrist and hand positions
  • Stable and Long-lasting Design: One of this easiest and most affordable additions you can make to promote better health, this beautiful bamboo sit to standing desk solution is designed with long-lasting components and includes legs that lock into place to avoid slipping and instability
  • UPC: 808068012894

Anyone who sits at a desk for a prolonged amount of time knows what it's like at the end of the day. Lower back pain, tight shoulders, tension, and fatigue come along with sitting, slouching and typing all day. Fortunately, more people are discovering the benefits of owning a standing desk, because the health risks associated with sitting for hours at a time simply cannot be denied. Prosumer's Choice Sitting to Standing Desk Converter with Adjustable Height is ready to transform your desk-chair combo into a dynamic, energizing and back-friendly workstation.

Made of sustainable bamboo, and painted black to match any work e, the ergonomic design of this sit and stand desk includes five adjustable height settings and a spacious desktop that coverts to laptop stand with five adjustable angles for optimal hand, wrist, and eye positioning. Going from a sitting down position, to standing up, or back again, is easy with adjustable legs and tensioning knob controls. When you're ready to stand up and work, simply use the threaded knobs to adjust the legs to the right height, and when it's time to sit, this easy to convert bamboo standup desk folds down to flat for storage.

Ideal for the office, or for a home work space, this standup desk converter is portable, so you can move from room to room, or use it as a laptop stand while working on the sofa or even in bed. Designed for statures big and small, and for both lefties and righties, this healthy standup desk even includes a sliding drawer to hold pens, a mouse and other personal items.


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