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Prosumer's Choice Bamboo Desk Organizer with 3 Drawers for Office Supplies, Includes Top Shelf for 8.5 x 11" Paper

Part # 270168

  • ORGANIZE WITH STYLE: An attractive multi-purpose bamboo desk organizer with three pull-out drawers which includes a top shelf for 8.5 x 11 sized paper
  • INCLUDES PRIVATE PULL-OUT DRAWERS: Includes three pull-out drawers to store bills, documents, pens and so much more
  • PRACTICAL AND VERSATILE: A sturdy and stylish desk organizer that can be used to organize offices, kitchens, bathrooms and any space where clutter gets out of hand
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Measures only 12” long and 10” deep for a compact fit that doesn’t eat up surface space
  • MADE FROM NATURAL BAMBOO: Constructed of sturdy, sustainable all-natural bamboo with a beautiful finish that looks great in any home or office environment

The Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo Tabletop Desk Organizer with Storage Drawers and Paper Tray is a sturdy and stylish desk caddy that can be used to organize workstations, craft projects, bathrooms or any area where clutter gets out of hand.

Designed for both home and office, this compact bamboo desk organizer measures 12 inches long and 10 inches deep and includes 3 pull-out drawers to store pens, sticky notes and other office supplies as well as easily misplaced items such as keys, phones and wallets.

The perfect companion to your printer, this unit also features a top-level shelf for 8.5 x 11 computer paper; a handy function that you won’t find on similar table-top organizers. You can also use the top shelf to keep staplers, calculators, cell phones and more always ready within reach.

This compact desk organizer includes a full-size drawer for notepads or documents and two smaller slide-out drawers for office supplies, charging cables, keys, pens, paperclips and other odds and ends.

While many customers use it to tidy up their desks, you can use it anywhere you need to declutter. Use it on bathroom vanities to keep things like makeup or jewelry out of the open and the top shelf for things like perfume, hand towels, pictures or even a small plant.

It’s also perfect for kitchen counters. Use it to store coupons, dining out menus, gifts cards, and other knickknacks that always wind up in a junk drawer. Our multipurpose bamboo caddy is perfect for crafters or teachers and can help with organizing your garage or workbench.

Ideal for homes, offices, RVs, dorms and kitchens, your desk organizer is made of all-natural and sustainable bamboo that is sturdy, easy to clean and matches virtually any type of decor. Simple to use with no assembly required, this space-saving tabletop caddy will transform any cluttered desk or countertop into a stylish and functional space.

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