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Prosumer's Choice Bamboo Stovetop Cover and Countertop Cutting Board w/ Adjustable Legs - Large

Part # 250517
Regular Price $99.99
Sale: $89.99

  • ELEVATED ADJUSTABLE FEET: Elegantly covers the stovetop to provide an extra work surface
  • LARGE WORKSPACE FOR YOUR KITCHEN: A large surface area means you have plenty of room
  • NATURAL BAMBOO STOVE TOP: Made of easy-to-clean and 100% natural bamboo sustainably harvested from an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified forest (FSC 100% License Code: C041262). This product is manufactured in a facility certified as socially responsible by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)
  • INTEGRATED JUICE GROOVE: Less mess and cleanup is at the very heart of our design
  • BEAUTIFUL AND STURDY WORKSPACE: Easy-to-clean cutting board with no added dyes or chemicals that is gentler on knife blades

This Prosumerís Choice stovetop cover and cutting board with adjustable legs is the ideal kitchen accessory where counterspace is at a premium. Made of beautiful bamboo grain that is sturdy but forgiving on expensive blades, this space-saving chopping block can be a countertop cutting tray or can be used over a gas or electric oven to maximize cooking areas in kitchens where counterspace is at a premium when utilizing the removable feet. It is the ideal kitchen accessory for all size kitchens where finding a place to mince, dice and chop can be frustrating.

Made of naturally beautiful bamboo (which is classified as a rapidly renewable source and responsibly harvested to help support healthy eco systems), this quick-to-clean stovetop cutting board includes easy-grip handles to transport from counter to stove to tabletop and is less prone to scarring than plastic cutting boards that can look worn quickly. The beautiful bamboo design adds an elegant, high-end look to even ordinary kitchens and will last for years to come. Warning: Do not cover or place near open flame or hot surfaces. Completely turn off all burners and let your stove cool off before using this stovetop cover.


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