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Prosumer's Choice 360 Rotating Bamboo Swivel Stand w/ Steel Ball Bearings for LED LCD TV / Monitors 10"

Part # 250500

  • SMOOTH 360° ROTATION: Swiveling TV stand includes 10" diameter base and steel ball bearing swivel that smoothly rotates TVs and monitors 360 degrees for the perfect viewing angle and for easy access to the back of the screen or monitor.
  • STRONG & DURABLE: Safely supports large TVs and objects up to 100 lbs., allows you to rotate flat screen TVs, computer monitors, planters pots, and more without straining your back.
  • MADE OF EARTH-FRIENDLY BAMBOO: Swiveling bamboo TV stand that is naturally beautiful and 100% natural from a sustainable and super-renewable resource, made in specialized factories to support a healthy ecosystem.
  • NO-NOISE ROTATION: Perfectly balanced with no leaning or tilting, includes 12 steel ball bearings that provide smooth and very quiet rotation with just a simple touch of a few fingers.
  • INCLUDES NON-SLIP BASE: Ideal for homes, offices, RVs and more, the non-skid, non-scratch rubber base keeps TVs, monitors, planters pots, etc. secure and in place.
The Prosumer’s Choice 360 rotating bamboo swivel stand securely holds and rotates large flat screen TVs, computer monitors, speakers, planters pots, arts and crafts projects, or other household items that you want to turn and display. A decorative yet practical addition to any home entertainment center or office, the ultra-sturdy bamboo TV swivel includes a durable steel ball bearing 10” 360-degree rotating base that supports TVs and other objects up to 100 pounds. 12 steel ball bearings inside the swivel’s interior provide whisper quiet rotation with just a simple touch so you can enjoy your favorite shows from any viewing angle and access the back of your TV or computer monitor without having to physically move it out of place. Now you can turn it to the sofa side when watching TV or turn it to the dining table side when eating, working, or crafting. Unlike most TV swivels that are made of pressed wood or rubber, Prosumer’s Choice swivel stand is made from environmentally conscious and sustainable bamboo that has a high-end, natural grain finish which blends nicely with desktops and countertops. The non-skid, non-scratch rubber feet keep TVs, monitors, planters pots, etc. steady during rotation and no tools are required to get started. Simply place the swivel on top of your entertainment center, desk, or countertop and you’re ready to enjoy.

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