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Aleratec 8 Inch Rotating TV Stand or Lazy Susan With Steel Ball Bearings and Rubber Feet

Part # 250566

  • DURABLE AND SLIP RESISTANT: Independent third-party lab tested to Support 100lbs. Non-slip rubber feet prevents slipping while dual-textured surface creates easy grip.
  • EASY ACCESS WITH SMOOTH ROTATION: Stylish and functional turntable can be used on countertops, tabletops, or in kitchen cabinets to keep various items in easy reach.
  • SLIM ROTATIONAL STAND: Platform rotates/swivels 360-degrees, includes 12 steel ball bearings that allows quiet rotation.
  • STABLE SWIVEL STAND ORGANIZER: Use at home, work or school, for computer screens, electronics, monitors, TV stands, stereo speakers, planter pots, spice rack, cake décor and snacks.
  • LOW-PROFILE LAZY SUSAN: Space saving swivel stand with an effortless glide, easy to maintain and clean, designed to help your arts & craft, painting, sculpture projects.

Aleratec’s 360-degree rotating swivel with 8-inch base is a practical yet compact addition to any home, kitchen or office. Our rotating stand is lab tested to hold up to 100 pounds of weight, while the non-skid and non-scratch rubber feet provide a confident grip for 360 degrees of unrestricted rotation. The 12 steel ball bearings provide effortless turning with a gentle nudge – useful when you need to adjust your monitor or get a better angle for a cake you’re decorating. Use it when you need a rotating stand for your computer monitor, flat screen LED/LCD TVs, speakers, kitchen supplies, spice racks, spray booths, or even house plants!

Our low-profile swivel stand is usable anywhere you need the convenience of 360 degrees of unrestricted rotation. Thanks to its durable polypropylene body, our swivel stand endures warm and cold temperatures alike, and is easily portable due to its light weight. Combined with its low moisture absorption, chemical resistance, and easier recyclability for lighter environmental impact, this multipurpose rotating stand can be used anywhere you need to maximize space, whether it’s in your garage, bathroom or kitchen area.

Aleratec’s stylish dual-textured rotational base works like a Lazy Susan turntable, able to turn 360 degrees with 4 non-skid, non-scratch rubber feet providing a secure grip on any surface. At your home or office, in your garage or in your kitchen, simply place the swivel on top of your deck, credenza, desk or counter top, and you're ready to go!


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