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2-in-1 Tablet Hand Strap and Mount for Tablets up to 13 Inches

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  • Two in One Tablet Holder: An easy-to-use swiveling tablet hand holder with desktop stand that fits iPads, Surface Pro, Samsung and other larger- and smaller-sized tablets so you can work, check email or play games with one hand without fear of dropping or prop your tablet on a surface for easy viewing.
  • Swivels 360-degrees for Better Viewing: Installs in a matter of minutes, this iPad/Android tablet strap fits on the opposite corners of the tablet with adjustable elastomer rubber straps while a heavy-duty rubber base allows you to swivel the tablet 360 degrees and go from portrait to landscape with ease.
  • Holds Tablets Up to 13 Inches: Ideal for larger sized tablets that can be difficult to hold for long periods of time such as iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Surface Pro, this all-in-one tablet holder and desktop stand includes two sets of easy-to-change elastomer rubber straps to accommodate tablets from 7 in. up to 13 in.
  • Adjustable Hand Strap: Secures tablet to your right or left hand for easier viewing and includes an adjustable Velcro strap that fits large, medium and even kids-sized hands so you can work, follow recipes, or read e-books on the sofa or allow children to play games on your tablet with less fear of dropping and damaging.
  • Expandable and Interchangeable: Ideal for educators who use tablets in the classroom, restaurant wait staff, streaming movies on the treadmill or simply at home or the office, this universal tablet holder with desktop stand securely grips large, medium and even smaller sized tablets and can be swapped from device to device with ease.
  • UPC: 808068012412
Prosumer's Choice 2-in-1 Tablet Hand Strap and Desk Stand for iPads, Android, Surface Pro and other Popular Tablets from 7 in. up to 13 in. is a two-in-one device that secures to one hand so you can use your tablet without fear of dropping or hand fatigue or use the built-in retractable stand to prop your tablet on your desk, kitchen counter or other surface. Two exchangeable elastomer rubber straps stretch over the opposite corners of the tablet for a tight fit, while a swivel base rotates from landscape to portrait view. Prosumer's Choice tablet holder includes two sets of straps to hold 7 inch tablets and up to 13 inch tablets and is designed for either righties or lefties with small, medium and larger sized hands. The soft, adjustable Velcro strap allows you to switch from grownup to child where the risk of dropping tablets can be high, and the swiveling base rotates 360 degrees for portrait to landscape view. Ideal for families, warehouses, educators, job sites or restaurants, Prosumer's Choice Adjustable Tablet Hand Strap Holder and Desktop Stand accommodates iPads and Android tablets up to 13 inches as well as Kindles, Nooks and other popular tablets.

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