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TunePhonik 12" LP Vinyl Record Jackets - White Coated w/ No Center Hole, 25-Pack

Part # 250504

  • A REPLACEMENT FOR WORN AND TORN JACKETS: An essential accessory for collectors of vintage 12-inch RPM LPs, or for DJs who prefer vinyl to digital, and who are looking to safeguard their already used albums that have missing covers, or that are starting to show their age and wear.
  • CONSTRUCTED WITH PRECISION: Each jacket is manufactured with the utmost precision from ensuring glue is placed in the correct amount each and every time without overflow, to the matching and squaring of each side as to guarantee its alignment is perfectly parallel, and bonded correctly.
  • MADE IN LOS ANGELES: Each 12-inch record jacket is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California - the Music and Entertainment capital of the world.
  • PROTECT NEW VINYL FROM DAY ONE: After purchasing a brand new album, your investment immediately starts to depreciate through constant handling. Protect and archive your audio by trading out your new jacket with one that you can use every day, while your original stays safe.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CARDBOARD MATERIAL: All 25 cardboard record jackets are made of sturdy 18-point chipboard- certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring that the material comes from responsibly-managed forests.

There's nothing like the rich, warm sound of a 12-inch vinyl record, but organizing and protecting irreplaceable records, especially records without the original jackets, can be a challenge.

TunePhonik's 12-inch coated white record jackets, without center hole, help keep classic vinyl records safe from dust, mildew, dirt, fingerprints, grease and scratches that can affect the value and sound quality of your collection. The bright white, coated, high-contrast finish makes identifying your music easy by either writing on it with a marker, or adding your own custom-printed labels.

These record jackets can replace missing album covers, or help preserve existing original covers that can be set aside so the covers are not worn during use. Available in a pack of 25, these eco-friendly dust jackets are made of heavy-duty FSC-certified 18-point chip board and are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, home of the music and entertainment industry.


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