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TunePhonik 12 Inch Vinyl Record Jackets White Coated with Center Hole - 25 Pack

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  • Quality Replacement Jackets: Replace lost or damaged 12-inch vinyl record jackets with this set of 25 coated white covers. Reliable substitute covers to preserve prized album art so you can enjoy your music without impacting the cover design
  • Protect New Vinyl Assets: Now you can listen to brand new records and not worry about damaging the covers. Just bring records home, slide them into TunePhonik LP jackets, and display the original cover design or archive it for safekeeping
  • Made in Los Angeles: TunePhonik jackets are designed and built in Los Angeles, CA, home of the music and entertainment industry
  • Die Cut Center Hole: Premium LP album covers with a center hole on both sides
  • Durable White Stock: Sturdy coated record jackets made with 18-point stock
  • UPC: 808068013129
Do you need new record jackets instead of your old, tattered album covers or replacements for records you purchased used that didn’t come with covers? Got album art you want to keep in pristine condition rather than risk incurring incidental damage from handling? TunePhonik 12-in. White LP Vinyl Record Jackets with Center Hole are the perfect solution for your LP collection.

You’ll getting a set of 25 premium 12-inch size jackets featuring crisp, coated white 18 pt. chipboard certified by the FSC(R) (Forest Stewardship Council). Our design includes a center hole, which allows you to read the labels on your records and quickly make your music selections. TunePhonik vinyl jackets help maintain your records to preserve sound quality as well as resale value. The clean white stock adds a modern edge with a minimalist appearance. Customize your set of blank LP covers any way you wish with markers, labels, etc.

TunePhonik record jackets with the center hole are functional replacements for lost or missing covers as well as practical stand-ins for album art you’d rather preserve and archive. Store your original covers safely while you use these white jackets as practical stand-ins. These heavy-duty LP jackets are built to last as they’re made for you in sunny Los Angeles, CA, the music and entertainment capital of the world.

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