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TunePhonik 12 Inch LP Vinyl Record Jackets - White Coated w/ Center Hole – 25 Pack

Part # 270134

  • RELIABLE REPLACEMENT JACKETS: Replace missing or damaged 12-inch vinyl record jackets with this pack of 25 coated white covers. Ideal substitute jackets to preserve valuable album art so you can listen to your music without potentially damaging the cover design
  • PROTECT NEW VINYL RECORDS: Enjoy new albums you purchase and actually listen to your music with the right storage solution on hand from the start. As soon as you bring records home, you’ll be able to slip on TunePhonik replacement jackets and archive or display the original album art
  • MADE IN LA: Proudly designed and manufactured in sunny Los Angeles, CA, creative epicenter of the music and entertainment industry
  • DIE CUT CENTER HOLE: Premium LP album covers with a center hole on both sides
  • THICK COATED STOCK: Durable record jackets made with 18-point stock with a coated finish

Need replacement record jackets for beat up album covers or records you purchased second hand without covers? Got album covers you want to keep in perfect condition rather than subject them to unnecessary wear and tear from handling? Get professional quality TunePhonik 12” White LP Vinyl Record Jackets with Center Hole to safeguard your LP collection.

You'll have a set of 25 quality 12-inch size jackets made with sturdy coated white 18 pt. chipboard. The jacket design contains a center hole, so you'll be able to quickly identify your music by the record label. TunePhonik replacement jackets ensure your records stay in pristine condition to preserve sound quality as well as the resale value of your assets. The bright white stock gives your collection a modern look with a coated finish. You'll be able to customize these blank LP covers with markers, custom printed labels, or band stickers.

TunePhonik record jackets with the center hole are ideal replacements for missing or damaged jackets as well as functional substitutes for album art you want to display or archive. Store your original covers safely while you use these white jackets as practical stand-ins. You'll be able to enjoy your music with these heavy-duty LP jackets designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, the epicenter of the music and entertainment industry.


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